Sunday, November 23, 2008

Young forest

Walking with Ann in the forest, we have come across a place with young fir trees. Small fir trees grows row upon row. And here and there can see stubs of old trees.
Ann had at once many questions about it. We have talked about people named foresters that care about fores and how they do it. Old trees cut and clean, and plant the new. Small trees need a lot of care. A top of every tree have to be whitewashed, it need for protection of these small trees. After some years fir trees will grow up and here will be a beautiful young forrest.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Brave tree

During our today's walk with Ann we notice this tree. What do you think, this tree is sad or cheerful? Nor I nor daughter cannot answer this question.
Usually during walk Ann asks me questions about everything that she sees around. Or just in time of walk she create some stories. Today she enough long time went silent, thinking about something. I did not disturb Ann and also went quiet.
Only evenigh, when we watching our images she told me that this tree not cheerful and not sad, this tree is brave tree.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Forest inhabitants

This Sunday was a wonderful weather, so we by whole family have made long walk in the forest. Here is what we meet.
These trees with faces push Ann talk about trees as living essence. They, like all alive around us, may be happy, sick, sad, smiled. We, people, have to be careful to the nature, to plants because they are alive. They make us glad and, by the way, give us the health. If people will bad to the nature, we people will feel bad too.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The calendula flowers still smiled to us

The calendula flowers is like small suns. Many flowers and plants already wilt, a trees have dumped own leafage, but the calendula continues to blossom. We, Ann and I, put the calendula seeds at the spring, watered and observed them. Firstly from seeds have sprouted small sprouts. Sprouts became more and more strongly. In June there were flowers. Ann just fall to love to these flowers, and call them small suns. These suns pleased us all the summer long. And now, when many flowers do not blossom any more, watching them there make us glad and smiled.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The fog look like the snow

The iamge of this wonderful shrub has been from last evening. Here on leaves is not snow. It is a fog. The fog is so dense and tick that water drops just lie on leaves. These water drops look like snow because reflected the light.
We had long argued with Ann about fog's nature. The question of reflexion of light has appeared for me too difficult, and I have smoothly translated to conversation to beauty of natural phenomena!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Broken wasps nest

Today when we walk in the forest beside us, Ann notice these honeycomb. They were on the ground near nest of wasps, and these wasps angry fly around. We always knew there are wild boars in the forest. Very probably one from them broke wasps nest.
Ann has been sad from it. It always cruel broke some house...
At the beginning of summer we watch the bee that picked up a flower's pollen. I even had a good shot of that bee with pollen on back legs. We talk with Ann about how bee biuld own honeycomb and fill out with honey. That's because these broken noneycomb make Ann so sad.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our new friend

It is our the neighbour. Firsty he cautiously look at us. After he began to approach more close, and try to sniff us. And at some moment see: here is all okay, no need to fear. Maybe here exist something yummy, and he got it. Or maybe here will play with him, this is nice also. At next image he become dared and try to come into our house. Ann just delighted by our guest!

And this is old buddy! She is so photogenic! :)