Sunday, December 14, 2008

Plant's life

I like this photo very much. Very often we do not notice beautiful things no matter we just in one step from. But children are more attentive. This dried plant has been noticed exactly Ann. We began to consider it in detail and have seen a lot of the interesting.
This plant is dried now but has lived a bright life. In the spring from a small seed grow up a small sprout. He very much tried to frow and has grown the big. The sun and a rain helped him in it. Then the plant has blossomed. His inflorescence was like small umbrella. After, the flowers shed its blossoms. On their place were seeds. And here seeds have ripened. This plant already dry, his life has finished. But there are seeds, his children and in the spring from these seeds will grow up the new plants, as new lives.


Si's blog said...

That looks a lot like a plant we have here in Virginia called "Queen Ann's Lace.

Apparently it grows all over North America and other parts of Mother Earth. We see it a lot in the late summer.